Jumaat, 1 Julai 2011


assalamualaikum . hai all . healthy ? hope you're healthy . :') are about a week I do not updated my story at blog right ? .sorry guys . I am now busy with homework and study . so , no time I devote to updated my story at blog :) .
fine ! we focus on topics close to dream about . hikhikhik . look ! I was smiling alone :) haha . the cold nights make me sleep until late wake up for school . the profundity of the sudden I dreamed of a popular youth that I had found . who that is ? person is Iqwal Hafiz :) wahhh ! how exciting if dreams come true ? hehe . you want to know not what I do in this dream with Iqwal Hafiz ? I went for the show with him . hikhik . swear ! I only dream of this nonsense right ? who cares what  I am ? important I feel good . hehe :') okaylah ! until her only kot . I updated the next time okay ? hehe . hope that this dream appeared again and hope is that this dream become a reality . kbye .

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